Power to the players

At Breakpoint Games, we create games that enlighted how our society works in order to raise questions on it.
Those games, called Games for change, blend fun to play and satisfaction to understand to give the players a unique experience, developping their awereness on their everyday life. We want to breathe to the players the power to make things change.

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H2O : Heir 2 Origin

Solve water-based puzzles and discover the usage of water in our society.
In partnership with Eaux et Rivières de Bretagne.



Contagion is a management mini-game in which you have to protect a population from a harmful virus. This game raises awareness about sanitary crisis problematics in our society.

The first game studio applying permaculture ethics

Take care of Nature

We create our games in a perspective of energetic sobriety and are aware of environmental issues.

Take care of people

The studio is a caring place. We wish to set up a 4-days workweek for our employees.

Share equitably

We are establising a fair salary policy and apply a strong transparency inside the studio.
Company are a reflect of our society, it's for us a place to experiment desirable future. To learn more about our policies and values, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter.

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Breakpoint Games
261, rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine
75011, Paris - France
contact [at] breakpoint-games.com